How to Register Your Device to FREESPOT

To use FREESPOT, you need to register your email address and your device's MAC address.

Two registration methods are available:

 1. Register Before Connecting

 2. Register on the Spot
   (Please note that there may be conditions to determine how you can register.)

How to Register Before Connecting

 1. Open the
pre-registration page.

  2. Enter your email address and your device's MAC address; select "I agree" and click Submit.
    Click herefor more information on finding your device's MAC address.


 3. Verify the information and click Register.


 4. You'll receive the email from FREESPOT shortly. Click the link in the email.
        Note: If any email filtering is enabled, permit "@freespot.com" in advance.


 5. Registration is finished.

How to Register on the Spot
- Some devices may not be able to register on the spot. Click
here for more information.

- There are 2 methods to register your FREESPOT account on the spot: 
 - Send email
 - Enter email address

 - Some FREESPOT hubs cannot be registered using the "send email" method.
 - You do not need to enter the MAC address because the system can obtain the device's MAC address automatically.

[ Send Email ]
*It does not support Android OS.

here more information.

[ Enter Email Address ]


here more information.

Supplementary Notice

Email Authentication System Schematic

- FREESPOT email authentication system manages the combination of the device's MAC address and an email address.
- You need to register your email address for each of your devices.
- You can register an unlimited number of devices.
- You can use the same email address to register multiple devices.

Service Availability

Once you are registered, you can access all FREESPOT hubs in Japan

Availability Period

Your account is active for 6 months from your last access. If you do not use FREESPOT for more than 6 months,your account will be disabled and you will need to register again.

How to Change the Registration Information

To Disable Registered Information
Open the unregister account page and enter your device's MAC address and your email address.

To Change the Registered MAC Address or Email Address 
- To change the email address, open pre-registration page  and register your new email address.

- To change the MAC address, open the pre-registration page and register your new MAC address.

  Please note that the previous MAC address remains valid even if you enter a new one. To completely disable the previous registration, open the unregister account page and enter the MAC address and your email address.

To Disable Registration Information with Forgotten MAC Address

 You cannot delete any information, although you can disable the account to prevent unauthorized access or usage. Follow the steps below:

 1.When the registered device is connected to the FREESPOT, an email will be sent to you.

 2.Click the URL in the email to disable that device's registration.
    Note: FREESPOT customer service cannot confirm or modify any registration information over the phone.

Why Is Registration Needed?

FREESPOT is managed by the property owner's Internet connection. Therefore, if a FREESPOT user engages in any illegal online activities, the owner may be held responsible as the connection contractee andthe FREESPOT service may be terminated.

To prevent such a case, FREESPOT uses the email address registration system.This system protects FREESPOT by maintaining an Internet usage log andtracing any illegal users.

Please register your email address and use the FREESPOT service responsibly.