FREESPOT is a service that allows the hosting of free and open wireless access to the Internet. It offers Internet access through a high-speed fixed wireless LAN router combined with a broadband line that is far faster than mobile communications protocols. The FREESPOT network of high-speed hotspots in many locations enables people to check email, gather information through the Internet, and even access their company server through a VPN regardless of which access point is used. In addition, the access system benefits both hotspot owners and users, and has great potential for growth in the future as infrastructure for a well-networked society.
System Requirements for Users
A computer with Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 g/b) capability, computer with a wireless LAN card, or Wi-Fi-enabled device, including games consoles. Anyone can freely get wireless access to the Internet.
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System Requirements for Owners
An always-on Internet connection (ADSL, CATV, or FTTH, e.g.), a FREESPOT wireless LAN access point (kit for purchase), and the proper settings. The router is equipped with security features specifically for FREESPOT, so that users need not be concerned about security when offering open access. A setup service is included so that owners can open a hotspot easily, without trouble, and at low cost.
Relationship between User, Owner and the Group
FREESPOT is ideal for places like these:
Cafes and restaurants Municipal offices, civic centers and other public spaces
Hotels and inns Waiting areas at transportation facilities
Shopping arcades and underground arcades Exhibition halls